“Thank you for giving him a reason to hold on and live.”

UPDATE FROM HOLMAN PRISON: I just learned Mr. Willie Simmons received over 50 letters from all over the country yesterday. His friend told me, “Thank you for giving him a reason to hold on and live. I have never seen a man with so much joy. He is glowing like never before.” 1/3

There is still much work to do to help Simmons and close to 500 others serving life without parole in Alabama for non-homicides. They deserve a chance at freedom & I will continue to elevate their stories with the hope that lawmakers will listen. The legislature meets in Feb. 2/3

In the meantime, thanks to all who wrote Mr. Simmons following my tweets about him. To know that he feels less alone fills my heart with gratitude. It’s not freedom (yet), but for him to suddenly feel seen and heard by so many people who care is a profoundly beautiful thing. 3/3

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